Can I put a tiled roof on my conservatory?

It’s a common question: can I put a tiled roof on my conservatory? The answer is yes, but it’s probably best not to leave it too long! Let’s look at the reasons why.

A change in the law

It used to be the case that a conservatory roof needed to have a certain amount of see-through coverage by law, or else costly, time-consuming planning permission would be required.

Planning rules were changed recently for conservatories in England. The rule change means it is often possible to upgrade your old conservatory roof with a solid roof replacement without needing to apply for planning permission.

However, this legal change is only temporary. The rules are only active until 30 May 2019 and it’s not clear what the position will be after this.

When is a conservatory not a conservatory?

It pays to make sure your conservatory keeps within legal limits so everything is above board. The Planning Portal website gives all the information you need to make sure your glazed room counts as a conservatory rather than a housing extension.

Don’t forget that there are different rules for properties in protected areas such as Sites of Special Scientific Interest or Areas of Natural Beauty. Different rules can also apply in England and Wales.

Why would you want a tiled roof?

Conservatory design has moved on a lot in the last few decades, meaning that older conservatory roofs – even those from just a decade or so ago – are much worse in terms of insulation than today’s modern lightweight conservatory roofs.

Tiled roofs will keep you warmer, helping to make the conservatory a fully usable space all year round. In summer, the insulation helps to keep out some sun, preventing overheating. They also look good, improving the external appearance of your property by blending in more with the main house.

Although they look like traditional roofing tiles, conservatory tiles are really purpose-made to be lightweight and efficient. Metrotile roofing tiles are around seven times lighter than standard roofing tiles.

A lightweight tiled conservatory roof can easily be installed on almost any supporting structure, giving a complete conservatory upgrade for a fraction of the cost of a full replacement.

An investment in efficiency

The better insulation qualities of a tiled conservatory roof will mean your heating bills are very likely to come down. Rather than blasting heat out through thin roof panels, you can be cosy in your new conservatory all year round – or better still, use it as a kids’ playspace so you get to enjoy some peace and quiet!

A tiled roof will also improve the security of your home. Traditional glazed conservatory panels are relatively easy for a determined burglar to prize off, giving them a swift route into your home. A tiled conservatory roof provides better security, helping you avoid the cost, distress and inconvenience of a break-in.

Tiled conservatory roofs can also provide a solution to leaky flat roofs. These notoriously problem-prone roofs can be remedied simply and at low cost using a tiled conservatory roof – Metrotile can convert a flat roof to a pitched roof in no time. The pitch can be as low as 12 degrees.

Are you ready to invest in a tiled roof for your conservatory? Don’t delay – talk to someone from Metrotile on 01249 658 514 today.