Case Study

Cornish Unit Refurbishments, Somerset

Cornish Unit Refurbishments, Somerset

Case Study

Metrotile Lightweight Roofing has been utilised for a refurbishment project by Homes in Sedgemoor, an Arms Length Management Organisation (ALMO) that manages over 4000 properties owned by Sedgemoor District Council. In this case, the refurbished properties are Cornish Units located on various roads within the Sydenham Estate area in Bridgwater, Somerset.

Cornish Units – also known by many as ‘prefabs’ – were initially built as a short term solution to the post-war housing crisis and were not expected to survive the many decades that they have remained in place. Part of the reason they have endured is due to extensive refurbishment programs carried out over the years by the Local Authorities and Housing Associations that hold Cornish Units as part of their housing stock.

Homes In Sedgemoor began an extensive refurbishment project on their Cornish Unit stock (that comprises of approximately 75% of the Cornish Units on the Sydenham Estate) in 2015 that is still ongoing today. HiS utilised the services of contractors Joyner PA Ltd, and Curtins Consulting from Bristol to focus on the schedule of concrete repairs. Wetherby designed and provided the external wall insulation, which incorporates a

Metrotile Shingle mansard roof as part of the external envelope.


With regards to choosing Metrotile Lightweight Roofing for the project, Chris Wilmott, who is the Property Investment Manager for Homes in Sedgemoor explains:

“We choose a metal sheet roofing system due to reduced material and install costs, reduced installation times, its lightweight nature, its attractive appearance, reduction in carbon used compared to manufacture and transport.   Although they (the Cornish Units) are not failures under Decent Homes as it takes several elements for a property to fail Decent homes standard, in isolation the wall elements would not meet the standard due to them being poorly insulated, so this refurbishment project rectifies that.   While too early to tell if the residents have seen any reductions in their utility bills, feedback has been very positive.“

For more information about Homes in Sedgemoor, visit their website: For more information about Metrotile Lightweight Roofing, you can contact us. 

Beautifully refreshed homes in Bridgwater, Somerset

Key Points

  • Cornish Units managed by ALMO
  • Ongoing refurbishments
  • Metrotile contributed to improved insulation

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