Case Study

Cornish Units, Normanton

Cornish Units, Normanton

Case Study

Willow Crescent in Normanton consists of forty seven post-war Cornish Units, each of which was designed to offer temporary housing after World War II and a life expectancy of around fifteen to twenty years.

The properties at Willow Crescent were built in 1956, meaning they were expected to last until 1976 at the most – thirty five years ago. Despite these figures, a vast number of similar properties can still be found throughout the UK today and many are also maintained by local authorities and Housing Associations.

Wakefield and District Housing Association manage the homes at Willow Crescent and invested in a renovation program to boost the standards of each home – with WDH’s project, each home would have increased energy efficiency due to work upon the roofs and walls in addition to becoming more aesthetically pleasing. With this in mind, WDH consulted architects NPS and roofing contractors Ultegra Services regarding the best materials for the refurbishment.

The ideal material for the roofing and mansards needed to look traditional and keep the look and feel of the units and despite the refresh, each unit needed to blend in with the surroundings yet maintain the unique look that Cornish Units are known for. Each resident was also allowed to choose their own rooftop colour, adding a touch of character to the already distinguishable Cornish Homes at Willow Crescent in the process. Metrotile Lightweight Steel Roofing Systems were specified for the replacement of both the rooftops and mansards, offering each home the many benefits that Metrotile is known for and the low weight of each profile places less strain on both the supporting frame of the homes and the foundations.

For homes that were built as a temporary housing measure, this will help increase their life expectancy even further. In addition, using Metrotile has helped to boost the insulation at the properties, with residents already noticing a reduction in their heating bills. Metrotile worked very closely with all involved.

The roofs were installed by contractors Ultegra Services and their Business Development Manager, Glen Leatherbarrow, states;

“Metrotile is a modern company with old-fashioned customer service values. Unlike many other companies, they go one step beyond to help. They work ‘with’ you instead of for you and their after sales care is second to none”

The homes, initially built post World War II as temporary housing with a low life expectancy. Following the refurbishment program with Metrotile installed as the roofs and mansards, the properties can enjoy another forty years, bolstered by Metrotile’s unique forty year weatherproof guarantee.

Find out more about Metrotile and non-traditional housing here For further information about Metrotile Lightweight Roofing, visit our contact page. To download from our library of informative documentation and certifications, click here

A cornish unit in Normanton featuring a Metrotile Bond mansard roof.

Key Points

  • Metrotile Bond was specified for the mansard roofs
  • Security and insulation improved significantly
  • Aesthetics refreshed

Tile Profile: Bond Roof Tile

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