Case Study

Cygnus Homes – PassivHaus

Cygnus Homes – PassivHaus

Case Study

At Metrotile we often emphasise the importance of our roofing’s many benefits, the core of which is the unsurpassed strength and low weight offered by the highest drawing grade steel our tiles are pressed from.

The low weight – just one seventh of so-called traditional roof tiles such as slate or clay – is ideal for factory-built modular and prefab housing

as it helps to keep the overall weight down during the transportation process and places significantly less pressure on the supporting frame and foundations without compromising security or aesthetics. 

These benefits have not gone unnoticed by the modular home building industry and Metrotile is now the proud roofing material supplier for innovative PassivHaus manufacturer Cygnus Homes.

Cygnus Homes was formed to develop and manufacture “homes for people that are affordable to build and live in” – an important ethos in a time of a housing shortage. Each PassivHaus is timber framed, features smart technology and is designed to require less energy to run so that those living inside can save on energy bills too. Cygnus works closely with ‘industry leading suppliers’, a group that Metrotile is honoured to be a part of. 

Cygnus Homes Director of Operations Maria Ling states:

“Cygnus are an off-site manufacturer of e-smart, sustainable, PassivHaus timber frame homes that are affordable and adaptable.  We only select and use the best of the best products from the industry.  Metrotile, as Europe’s no1 lightweight steel roofing manufacturer, were selected to be part of our continued supply chain because of their continued innovation, sustainability, speed and ease of install, alongside their adaptability and choice.

 Metrotile have evidenced their adaptability to incorporate other product systems with our solar thermal panel and our air ventilation system into the Metrotile roofing system.

Metrotile’s qualities matched with their continued customer support experience are key to our on-going partner relationship and success as Cygnus enter the housing market in 2018.”

For more information about Cygnus Homes, visit their website:


Key Points

  • Metrotile has been chosen for Cygnus Homes range of PassivHaus affordable smart homes
  • The low weight of Metrotile makes it the ideal material for the buildings
  • Cygnus Homes works with only the best material manufacturers
  • Cygnus Homes will enter the housing marketplace in 2018

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