Case Study

eQube Solar Tile Helps Strive Towards Net-Zero Housing: Vistry Innovation Centre

eQube Solar Tile Helps Strive Towards Net-Zero Housing: Vistry Innovation Centre

Case Study

Metrotile's eQube solar tile provides sustainable, sleek, finish to net-zero Vistry Innovation Centre.

As the global climate crisis intensifies, the imperative for sustainable and low-carbon housing solutions becomes increasingly apparent. In response to this pressing need, the United Kingdom has emerged as a pioneering force in the development and implementation of net-zero housing initiatives. Net-zero housing aims to mitigate carbon emissions by ensuring that the total amount of carbon released is balanced by an equivalent amount sequestered or offset, thereby achieving a neutral carbon footprint.

Vistry group, a UK leader in providing affordable housing, embarked on a mission to collaborate with different suppliers and manufacturers to come together to create the Vistry Innovation Centre; a unique, full-sized house bringing together come of the most innovative technologies in the construction industry to help towards net-zero goals. The Head of Technical Innovation at Vistry Group, Jack Brayshaw, stated “We are very proud to share our progressive timber frame facility and the VIC with its innovative new technologies. This centre is part of Vistry’s roadmap to Net Zero and this ambition is thriving as we keep moving on our journey”.

Metrotile’s innovative, fully-integrated solar tile, eQube, was used for the roofing inline with their Qube roofing system.

eQube is where sustainability meets style; providing a stunning design with no additional height and minimal extra weight to the roof, enabling quicker and easier installation of solar panels than ever before. The eQube system as part of the VIC showcases Metrotile’s drive towards helping meet sustainable energy goals, providing solutions to help lower carbon emissions in the UK construction industry.

Interested to know more about the VIC? Check out Vistry’s case study here:

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Close up of the Vistry Innovation Centre

Key Points

  • Vistry Innovation Centre launches as collaborative facility for innovative technology in sustainable construction.
  • Metrotile eQube Solar Tile provides sleek, energy efficient roofing solution

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