Case Study

Featherstone and Hilton Community Centre

Featherstone and Hilton Community Centre

Case Study

Located in the village of Featherstone on the outskirts Wolverhampton, Featherstone & Hilton Community centre is an attractive 80’s-built building surrounded by the luscious green of the countryside. Since construction, it has featured a man-made interlocking slate-style roof that was installed under conditions of strict professional workmanship. The old roof material, after decades of service, was in need of modernisation as it was worn from years of use and had become a target for vandalism.

When the time for a modernisation of the Community Centre’s roofing material, Metrotile Lightweight Roofing was chosen with an emphasis on protection against vandalism. The profile chosen – Metrotile Woodshake – is a relatively recent addition to the ever-expanding line up of roof tile designs that Metrotile offers. The charcoal coating looks fantastic against the backdrop of the surrounding countryside and will undoubtedly offer rooftop protection to the Community Centre for years to come. 

Robert Turner, Estimator at contractors Danescourt Roofing, states:

“In this case, Metrotile offered one very important quality that lightweight steel roofing systems have over more traditional materials: resilience to vandalism damage. We have worked with Metrotile previously and always have a great experience with their products and services.”

Metrotile’s many benefits makes the product an ideal choice for community projects such as Featherstone, and as also evident on historical projects such as Defford Cum Besford Village Hall. If you are interested in specifying Metrotile for your building project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for your free no-obligation estimate. 

Metrotile Woodshake blends elegantly with the natural surroundings

Key Points

  • Traditional slate roof needed replacement
  • Modern material needed that would blend with local countryside
  • Vandal-proofing and security important aspects of specification
  • Metrotile Woodshake in charcoal chosen

Tile Profile: Woodshake Roof Tile

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