Case Study

Hawksley Bungalows

Hawksley Bungalows

Case Study

Metrotile Lightweight Roofing’s classic ‘Roman’ profile adorns the rooftops of a five building renovation ‘pilot’ project at Davis Road, Doncaster overseen by contractors Henry Boot Construction.

Each of the buildings is a prefabricated Hawksley Bungalow and has been modified throughout the years, so each featured different power – gas, coal or electric. However, whatever powered the house, one thing was apparent; with UK energy costs increasing, the Hawksleys were in need of refurbishment from not just an aesthetic standpoint, but an efficiency one as well.

To bring the homes up to ‘Decent Home’ standards, two major changes were made to the building’s exteriors. The first was a brick ‘skin wall’, that was built around the metal walls of the homes (adding a layer of insulation in the process). The other major alteration was that of a new roof and Henry Boot Construction required a swift installation, in addition to  traditional aesthetics and a low weight to reduce the load on the Hawksley Bungalow’s structure.

Metrotile Lightweight Steel Roofing was specified as it ticks all of these boxes and more, impressing not only Henry Boot Construction but the residents themselves, who noticed more than just a visual change to their rooftops.

Mrs Banks, resident at 4 Davis Road states; “When It rained, the old roof would make a terrible noise inside the house, but since the refurbishment rain doesn’t cause any noise at all”

Robert Young, Quantity Surveyor at Henry Boot Construction states: “This (Lightweight Steel Roofing) was a first for Henry Boot. The pitch of the roof was very low and also the existing sheeting was aluminium so the lightweight option of Metrotile was perfect. The finish and speed of construction were fantastic and the profile was also lighter than the similar steel tile previously specified by the client ”

As with all Metrotile approved installations, the Hawksley Bungalows benefit from our industry-leading forty year guarantee, ensuring the residents will be enjoying their Metrotile roofs for decades to come.

Find out more about Metrotile and non-traditional housing here For further information about Metrotile Lightweight Roofing, visit our contact page. To download from our library of informative documentation and certifications, click here

A beautifully refurbished Hawksley Bungalow, Doncaster

Key Points

  • Major local authority building project
  • Insulation improved, ensuring residents are happy with the results
  • Reduced internal noise

Tile Profile: Roman Roof Tile

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