Case Study

Irby Library

Irby Library

Case Study

From its humble beginnings during the early fifties, the current Library at Irby, Wirral was built during the late 60’s at the site of a demolished farmhouse. Loved by the local community with an aesthetic that blends in with the idyllic village surrounding it, the Library, like any other building during its fourth decade, requires routine building maintenance. In the case of Irby Library, it was decided that the current roofing material had run its course and a flat to pitch conversion was required.

Wirral Borough Council assigned local roofing contractors Wirral Cladding to specify a roofing system that wouldn’t compromise the Library’s aesthetic. In turn, Wirral Cladding searched for a roofing material durable enough to last for many more years of service. Like many other specifiers who had searched for the ideal flat to pitch conversion-appropriate roofing material, Wirral Cladding discovered Metrotile Lightweight Roofing.

Metrotile Lightweight Roofing is pressed from the highest quality steel, and utilises a stone coating that ensures the product is indistinguishable from traditional roofing materials once installed.

The durable, lightweight design of each Metrotile ensures the product is perfect for flat to pitch conversions such as this, with a minimum pitch of just 15 degrees and the steel used for each profile ensures forty guaranteed years of service from each ‘Future Proof Roof’. Metrotile is also committed to adding high quality products to its catalogue and Irby Library is notable as the debut of the Metrotile Vixen profile in the UK.

A uniquely styled profile, the Vixen tile features a wooden tile effect, and is based on roofing used for Viking architecture. Wirral Cladding and their Business Development Director  Tracy Lee Paul Bwere very impressed with the results once the Vixen rooftop was complete:

“This project needed to fit in with the surrounding area and the profile of the tile did this justice. Metrotile’s customer service was second to none.”

The results of the first Metrotile Vixen installation are stunning and will serve Irby Library for forty guaranteed years and beyond.

Find out more about Metrotile and specialist projects here.  For further information about Metrotile Lightweight Roofing, visit our contact page.To download from our library of informative documentation and certifications, click here

Irby Library, Merseyside

Key Points

  • UK debut of the Metrotile Vixen profile
  • Merseyside library refurbishment
  • Roof blends effortlessly with idyllic village

Tile Profile: Viksen Roof Tile

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