Case Study

Local Authority Refurbishments, East Ayrshire

Local Authority Refurbishments, East Ayrshire

Case Study

Metrotile continues to find favour with Local Authorities for the refurbishment of non-traditional housing stock, with East Ayrshire Council in Scotland the latest to specify The Future Proof Roof for such a project.

Non-traditional homes are in abundance throughout the UK, with many owned and maintained by Local Authorities and Housing Associations. Originally designed as a short-term solution to ease the burden of housing shortages, non-traditional homes have lasted way beyond their intended lifespans thanks to regular upgrades and maintenance to reach Government standards. The highly durable and secure Metrotile profiles are the perfect roof finishings for such renovation projects, as the low weight reduces impact on the supporting frame and foundations while offering a very protective low-noise barrier against the elements.

Insulation is also improved; the Metrotile roofing system has been fitted to 35 properties in Tarbolton and Symington, creating new aesthetic appeal on the streets and saving the residents considerable amounts off their heating bills. Fiona McMurdo, resident at Smithfield Crescent, Tarbolton states;

“The roof was the first thing they did on the renovations. It has only been on for three weeks but I’ve already noticed my heating usage going down, and most of the other residents say the same thing.”

It’s not just the end-users that appreciate Metrotile Roofing, as

contractors appreciate the benefits of installing a Metrotile roof as well, such as the rapid installation times.

Chris McDade, site manager for Ailsa Building Contractors, said:

“The advantage of the new roof covering is that it is not just practical, in terms of keeping out the wind and the rain.  “It also greatly enhances the property and adds to the general feeling of wellbeing of the tenants. It also helps re-invigorate the whole area and help create and a more pleasing ambience. “One of the great advantages of the lightweight metal tile is that it is colour fast and should stay looking good for many years. All in all, the work makes a huge improvement.”

If you require further information about using Metrotile Lightweight Roofing on non-traditional housing, visit the relevant building type page here. For further information about Metrotile Lightweight Roofing, visit our contact page. To download from our library of informative documentation and certifications, click here

An aerial shot showing a combination of Metrotile and traditional rooftops

Key Points

  • 35 Properties renovated
  • Metrotile Bond in green specified
  • Home owners already seeing lower energy bills

Tile Profile: Bond Roof Tile

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