Case Study

Village Hall With Integrated Photovoltaic Panels

Village Hall With Integrated Photovoltaic Panels

Case Study

The Metrotile Photovoltaic System proudly sits on top of this stunning new Village Hall in Defford Cum Besford, Worcestershire, complimenting an elegant Metrotile Slate roof in Brindle that in turn blends beautifully with the scenic village that surrounds the site.

The new village hall is the result of months of planning and fundraising by a team of Community Trust volunteers and was designed to be as economical as possible, using the Metrotile Photovoltaic System to power everything within the building.

As the hall is used mostly during the evening, the Photovoltaic System is able to generate and store energy during peak hours, allowing much to be returned to the National Grid and ensuring the system will pay for itself rapidly before the hall’s energy bills are removed from the equation altogether. Metrotile is no stranger to producing sustainable roofing products: each Metrotile roof is guaranteed weatherproof for an industry leading forty years, is manufactured from the highest quality Aluzinc-coated 100% recyclable steel and has been used on such projects as the Fair Isle Bird Observatory that required a truly modern roofing material for modular structures that could be complemented with a bespoke Photovoltaic System. Metrotile is no slouch in the looks department either and is virtually indistinguishable from ‘traditional’ roofing materials.

Defford Cum Besford Village Hall Trust Chairman Michael Pegg stated:

“Choosing Metrotile gave us many project benefits, although initially we chose the product because of two reasons.First, the reduced fitting costs that occurred due to the reduced labour and handling requirement. The second reason was the choice of profiles and colours. To our surprise we discovered a bonus: integrated PV panels at a competitive price.”

The reduced fitting costs that Mr Pegg mentioned are a direct result of Metrotile’s lightweight profiles as each requires less transport, less storage space and less time to install, giving the Village Hall a swift, modern rooftop solution that complimented the look and concept of the project perfectly.

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Stunning aerial photo of Defford Cum Besford Village hall

Key Points

  • New-build village hall
  • Paid for by community fundraisers
  • Material matches traditional aesthetic
  • Photovoltaics store energy during peak hours

Tile Profile: Slate .900

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