Case Study

Walpole Close, Exeter

Walpole Close, Exeter

Case Study

Walpole Close is located in Exeter, Devon and features terraced houses, the majority of which are part of Exeter City Council’s housing stock.

Each of these homes shared a common feature that needed replacement – eave to ridge metal sheet roofing. Although comparisons have been drawn between this kind of product and Metrotile Lightweight Steel Roofing, ridge to eaves sheet roofing is actually a less durable product that lacks many of the benefits that a Metrotile rooftop can provide.

Ridge to eave sheets tend to cause problems with condensation, as it is not possible to use the product in conjunction with an underlay. Metrotile, on the other hand, is compatible with underlay and supply their own high quality VPU (Vapour Permeable Underlay). Davey Roofing Yeovil were selected by Exeter Council as roofing contractors for the project and were able put an end to the homes condensation issues and

improve the insulation at the properties by choosing Metrotile for the installation.

Davey Roofing Yeovil also specified Metrotile due to the swift installation process, as Wayne Middleton MIoR of Davey Roofing Yeovil states;

“Each pair of houses was completed in only 3 days, 1 day for each side and the final day to finish ridges, verges etc meaning we had little worry from any inclement weather as works were always watertight at the end of each working day.”

The rapid installation enabled by Metrotile’s lightweight design allowed Davey Roofing to install approximately 200 Metrotile Bond profiles to each of the 25 homes in the close, breathing a new lease of life into each home with new roofs backed by an industry-leading 40 year weatherproof guarantee.

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The homes at Walpole Close, Exeter

Key Points

  • Each pair of homes took only three days to fully roof
  • Part of a refurbishment program by Exeter council

Tile Profile: Bond Roof Tile

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