How to fit a conservatory roof

Conservatory refurbished with a Metrotile Lightweight Roof System Shingle Antique Red

If your home has a conservatory, is the roof delivering the best value and performance it possibly could? Did you know that your conservatory roof could be wasting you money by letting heat escape?

If your answer to these questions is negative, then maybe it’s time to consider fitting a new conservatory roof. Although this may sound expensive, it need not be. Often homeowners dread calling in contractors and tradesmen for any building works, usually because of concerns such as :-


  • it could be expensive
  • it could take a long time
  • it’s often difficult to find good quality tradesmen
  • the cost of the repairs or works could prove to be more expensive than the long-term value generated in undertaking them


However, learning how to fit a tiled conservatory roof – especially if it’s a relatively simple system such as Metrotile- may actually be a lot less hassle than you first imagined.


Benefits of using a steel roof tile system to fit your conservatory roof

Using a lightweight steel roofing system rather than a glass or uPVC roof has many technical benefits, such as :-


  • durable to withstand the harshest weather conditions
  • highest possible external fire resistance
  • improved insulation (resulting in lower heating bills and cooler temperatures in summer)
  • less wastage and more environmentally friendly


All the technical information you need is available


Secondly, using a lightweight steel roofing tile system to fit a conservatory roof is relatively simple and straightforward. If you chose the Metrotile steel roofing tile system for example, there’s an abundance of technical information such as CAD drawings, product information documentation, and how-to guides including ‘explainer’ type videos available in our Knowledgebase.

Taking the YouTube videos as a guideline, it’s easy to see how the components all fit together and you can easily see how the junctions, nails, fixings etc are used to fit a conservatory roof.


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Metrotile approved contractors


However, if you do fit a conservatory roof yourself, it is recommended to choose experienced tradesmen or handymen. Metrotile have an array of approved contractors that will be more than happy to assist with your conservatory roof replacement.


Metrotile’s long lasting benefits


When it comes to home improvements, it often pays to be patient and prudent, and to consider the pros and cons carefully.

One major benefit of Metrotile is its 40 year weatherproof guarantee, which unfortunately is not applicable to self-fitted conservatory roofs. However, when you hire a Metrotile approved contractor, this guarantee is upheld.

So to find out about our approved contractors and how to fit a conservatory roof, you can contact us on 01249 658514 or fill in our contact form and we will get back to you.