10 Reasons to Choose Metrotile Lightweight Roofing

Looking for a new pitched roof for your building project? Here are ten reasons to choose a #Metrotile roof:

  1. Metrotile Systems are Easily Transported

Lightweight Roofing is pressed from steel, with profiles that start at less than half a millimetre thick (or rather, thin). This means the tile profiles can be stacked on pallets and can be swiftly delivered to site – with a significant reduction in transport, and therefore delivery costs. This also has obvious environmental benefits (more below). 

  1. Rapidly Installed

Once the tiles are delivered to site, they are easily moved around and stored, and the low weight contributes to the typical high speed installation that has come to expected from Lightweight Steel Roofing’s many customers across the UK and the rest of the world. Swift installation of the roof means internal trades can get in and complete their work sooner, having a positive knock-on effect for the entire project, leading to happy specifiers, contractors, installers and customers. 

  1. Unsurpassed Security/Weather Resistance 

Metrotile profiles may be less than a millimetre thick, but thanks to the strength of steel the protection offered against vandalism and the elements outstanding. If your project is in an area prone to vandalism, we offer an extra secure .900mm thick solution. As for the weather, due to being specified across the entire world Metrotile has been tested in the most extreme conditions, including cyclone/wind uplift testing and cyclical freeze/thaw testing. 

  1. Sustainable

Steel is a fully recyclable material, but that’s not the only sustainable benefit. Each of our profiles is pressed at our state of the art facility in Tongerun, Belgium; the plant achieved ISO14001 for its recycled water system. Due to the thinner profiles and low weight (approx. One seventh of traditional slate or clay roof tiles), transport requirements are significantly lower, meaning less transport on the road and much lower pollution. 

A Metrotile roof is guaranteed for forty years (more below), however the life expectancy of steel is far greater. And once your roof has reached the end of its useful life, it can be recycled. 

  1. Highest Quality Materials

Each Metrotile roof profile is pressed from Drawing Grade 3 Aluzinc steel, the highest quality available. The weather side is covered with an acrylic glaze stone coating, that provides both aesthetics and noise resistance. 

6)   Customer Support Including Full Specification Service

Metrotile cares about customer service just as much as the quality of their roofing systems. From project conception to planning, installation and aftercare, Metrotile is with you every step of the way. For large scale projects, we offer a full NBS-backed specification service and a library of the latest BIM and 3D CAD technologies – everything to ensure your project design and planning goes as smoothly as possible. 

Also note that we offer a RIBA-approved CPD seminar, and can now offer it via Zoom or Microsoft Teams, please contact us for further details and to make a booking. 

7)  Certifications, Professional Services and Memberships

Metrotile knows that relevant certifications and memberships help the specification process go smoothly. From BBA certification to LABC registration, and our RIBA/NBS memberships and services, we are always looking to join organisations or subscribe to services that offer peace of mind and support for our customers. Visit our online Knowledge Base for full details about or current certifications, services and professional memberships. 

8) Wide Range of Profile Designs

Metrotile offers the widest range of tiles from any Lightweight Steel Roofing manufacturer. From our elegant classic pantile design – the Metrotile Bond – to our highly successful Shingle design with its hidden fixings and dual-use as cladding, our selection of profiles is at the heart of our continued success. Metrotile also stocks everything your roof requires, so everything your roof needs can be sourced from one location. 

9) Metrotile’s Product Line Constantly Expanding

But Metrotile doesn’t stop there. The product line is constantly expanding, and in the past few years has seen such exciting additions as the iPanel and the Vixen join the range. And in a recent exciting addition, Metrotile is part of the Roof Tile Group, meaning it can now offer systems from renowned manufacturers Decra and Gerard in addition to the existing range!

20) Forty Year Guarantee

Once your Metrotile roof is installed, you can relax knowing that your roof is guaranteed weatherproof for 40 years*. 

If you wish to know more about Metrotile Lightweight Roofing, you can visit our website www.metrotile.co.uk, email sales@metrotile.co.uk or phone the office Mon-Fri on 01249 658514.

* Installation must be completed by an approved Metrotile installer for the guarantee to be validated.