Case Study

Montagu Court & Crescent, Gibraltar

Montagu Court & Crescent, Gibraltar

Case Study

Since its inception in 2000, Metrotile’s UK-based operation has been proud to supply Lightweight Steel Roofing systems to the UK and Irish markets, and this includes the British territory of Gibraltar via a partnership with construction procurement company Colomendy. It is this very partnership that resulted in Metrotile roofing being installed on over 25 blocks of flats in Montagu Gardens and Montagu Crescent in 2015.

As an overseas project, this raises a different perspective for Metrotile’s established key benefits; the tiles have a much greater distance from warehouse to project, via different transportation to ultimately be installed in a different climate from the UK. So how does The Future Proof Roof hold up with such differing factors? John Bromfield from Colomendy weighs in:

“The main benefit for export markets is the weight relative to the covered area. Clay and concrete roof tiles cost an absolute fortune to move around, get to the site, store, handle and lift. In addition there are a lot of breakages. They also take a long time to lay, which the steel tile doesn’t. And it’s as good as, or better than, concrete or clay in so many applications.”

Mr Bromfield continues; “That’s specifically for Gibraltar and the type of buildings we have here. Gibraltar has a very humid and a very hot climate. And of course it’s also coastal, so it has a humid and saline air problem. In addition there is an atmospheric pollution from a refinery about 10 miles across the bay. That sulphur, mixed with salt, humidity and heat, makes an extremely aggressive environment for steel roofing. But having said that we have never had a problem with the Metrotile.”

That Metrotile holds up in the warmer humid climes of Gibraltar is of little surprise –

Metrotile is a worldwide product that has been subjected to various forms of extreme weather testing from heat to wind uplift and even cyclone testing.

That Mr Bromfield endorses our products through many years of use in such a different climate should provide significant reassurance to UK customers who have yet to sample Metrotile for themselves. Just like any other Metrotile installation, Colomendy’s Gibraltar projects are protected by Metrotile’s 40 Year Guarantee:

“Not only do we get the guarantee but the longevity of the product, over the 28 years that we have been working in Gibraltar, is proven. We’ve never had a single failure or a single problem.”

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Properties at Montagu Court, Gibraltar

Key Points

  • Over 25 Refurbished Blocks
  • Strong relationship with Colomendy Ltd
  • Benefits hold up in hotter climate

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