Case Study

Evesham FC Clubhouse

Evesham FC Clubhouse

Case Study

We often describe Metrotile as a roofing material suitable for any project, a statement backed up by the product’s application to a plethora of different projects throughout the UK and rest of the world.

A new addition to the vast list of projects is that of the Football Stadium, as Metrotile was recently used for the Clubhouse at Evesham Football Club. Initially conceived in 2008, the new ground is based on a 25-acre site and is home to Evesham FC in addition to boy and girl junior teams.

Metrotile Slate in Charcoal was specified for the project, due to the increased security benefits and close visual match to traditional slate tiles.

The roof install for the entirely newbuild project was completed in just 20 working days and roofing contractor Chris Wright stated:

“For me the key benefit from using Metrotile is increased security, because of the material which it is made from it is very hard to break rather than the traditional products. That is why we used metrotile on Evesham united football club, so tiles could not be broken if a ball was to hit them and for more security so it’s harder to break into.”

The stadium is complete, and will open to the public once the installation of a new roundabout is finalised. Fans of Evesham FC can look forward to seeing the Metrotile roof on their home ground for forty guaranteed years and beyond.

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Evesham FC Clubhouse, Gloucestershire

Key Points

  • New build football clubhouse project
  • Roof installation took just twenty days
  • Metrotile adds a highly secure rooftop to the building

Tile Profile: Slate .900

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