Case Study

Non-Traditional Homes, Cannock Chase

Non-Traditional Homes, Cannock Chase

Case Study

As evidenced by previous case studies, Metrotile Lightweight Roofing has developed into a premier choice for specifiers that need to refurbish non-traditional (or ‘pre-fab’) properties across the United Kingdom to bring them up to Government Decent Homes standards.

Cannock Chase Council and Keepmoat Housing oversee housing stock that includes both Cornish Units and Reema properties, in Cannock Chase, Staffordshire.

Cornish Units were constructed post World War II, initially as a temporary solution to a housing crisis. Cornish Units were easy to erect, however their life expectancy – due to the materials used –  was low. The original purpose was to get families that had lost heir homes during the war back into accommodation while more sufficient long-term housing was constructed.

Thanks to modern refurbishments, many Cornish Units still stand across the UK. Reema Houses, although aesthetically very different from the Cornish Units, were also built for the same purpose. Over 30,000 were constructed across the UK after World War II, utilising a concrete beam and wall design. Some Reema homes that aren’t authority-owned require sufficient renovation to become mortgageable, however like the Cornish Units many still stand despite original building intentions. Like other Local Authorities and Housing Associations across the UK, Cannock Chase Council was faced with the requirement to ensure their properties were sufficiently refurbished to attain Decent Homes standards, which ensure homes are in a suitable state of repair, sufficiently insulated and feature up to date facilities that would be expected in any modern home. For the roofing material for both properties – including the Mansard on each Cornish Unit – Cannock Chase Council specified Metrotile Lightweight Steel Roofing. Rick Pepper, Housing Property Services Manager for Cannock Chase Council states:

“we decided after talking to Metrotile, and in view of their experiences with the “Cornish” houses in Wales, Gloucestershire and Devon to remove the old existing mansard and roof covering, which in any case were getting to the end of their life, and reroof using Metro’s “Shingle” profile, which when fitted to the houses looks almost exactly the same as the original roof covering, is easier to fit than concrete tiles, quicker to fit, looks good and is more economic, than more traditional tiles.”

Tick Hill Roofing, a contractor based in Sheffield, were responsible for the roof installations on both the Reema and Cornish homes. One of Metrotile’s many benefits is the rapid installation afforded by such a lightweight material.

The Metrotile roof on each home also improves insulation and security against vandalism and extreme weather, while the aesthetic properties of each Metrotile roof makes the homes look decades younger.

Each property is also backed by Metrotile’s forty year guarantee. Although the majority of Cannock Chase’s non-traditional homes have been refurbished, Metrotile has generated such a strong impression that the Authority will continue to specify The Future Proof Roof for future projects.

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A refurbished property in Cannock Chase

Key Points

  • Non-Traditonal homes required refurbishment to Decent Home standards
  • Specified by Cannock Chase Council and Keepmoat
  • Improved security, insulation and aesthetics

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