Metrotile Lightweight Roofing Bond Tile on Flat to Pitch Roof Conversion Plymouth 1

Metrotile steel tiles are a modern solution to an old problem – having a strong and durable material on the roof that can withstand the worst of the British weather. These tiles are currently in use in a wide range of building styles around the UK.

What types of buildings are Metrotile roof tiles used on?

Metrotile is perfect for any project. Over the years we’ve worked on a wide variety of buildings that show just how versatile the range is.

Retail and commercial buildings

Metrotile’s many benefits make it the ideal choice for retail building projects. From supermarkets such as Morrisons to retail parks and UK High St staples such as Argos, Metrotile has it covered.

Modular buildings

The modular building industry is booming for domestic and commercial purposes, but their needs are often different fromtraditional properties.  There is also callfor Passivhaus approaches which is something that the Metrotile range can easily accommodate.

Leisure buildings

Modern leisure buildings come in all shapes and sizes and the adaptability of the Metrotile range makes it ideal to suit their needs.  From holiday resorts and chalets to clubhouses and equestrian centres with Metrotile installation is quick, and the tiles have the highest possible fire resistance.

Education buildings

Schools, academies and other education buildings need strong, fire resistant and durable roofing solutions.  There is often also the need to protect against vandalism and the double thickness .900mm tiles from Metrotile are ideal for this.

Conversions from flat to pitch

Flat roofs have a bad reputation but by changing them to even a low pitch roof, you can ease these problems.  Metrotile can work on roofs with as low as a 10-degreepitch.


One of the best ways to make a conservatory more energy efficient and easier to use all year round is to have a solid roof.  But the weight concerns can be an issue – that’s why the lightweight option of Metrotile is a popular choice.

Homes & Extensions

Entire homes and full extensions can also use the lightweight steel tiles and that ability to work on pitches as low as 10 degrees make them a versatile option. Metrotile are also a certified distributor and approved installer of Velux windows which can make a great addition to any refurbishment project.

New Builds

New builds have a big emphasis on renewable and energy efficient approaches. Metrotile is made from eco-friendly materials and is 100% recyclable as well as working well for energy efficiency measures.

Specialist building projects

Our tiles are also found on the roofs of all kinds of specialist building projects from factories to Log Pod leisure buildings.

Why choose Metrotile for your project?

Metrotile’s lightweight steel roofing systems offer a winning balance of features that few roofing materials can match.  They are lightweight, easy to install, long lasting and fire resistant as well as being 100% recyclable.

Whether your project is an upgrade to a traditional build, a solution for a new build or even if you consider your project a niche, consider Metrotile the problem solver. Many satisfied customers have done so and will continue to do so – the Forty Year Guarantee is just the icing on the cake.

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