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Lightweight Low Pitch Roof Tiles for Flat to Pitch Roofing Conversions

  Whether you’re a construction company or a homeowner, Metrotile is the consistent roofing supplier of choice for low pitch roof tiles. Our lightweight roofing can be installed at a pitch as low as 10 degrees which means it’s often specified for flat to pitch roofing conversions, and has been successfully installed on homes to blocks of flats. A Metrotile profile is seven times lighter than traditional roof tiles making flat to pitch roofing conversions safer and simpler, allowing for easy transportation around the construction site. Hoisting a large volume of Metrotile profiles to a rooftop is much easier, for swift application over the formerly-flat roof’s newly built rafters.

Metrotile benefits

These are just some of the benefits our lightweight roofing offers:
  • Improved security against vandalism and harsh weather conditions
  • Lightweight so easy to transport and hoist
  • Fast and simple installation
  • Highest possible external fire resistance rating
  • 40 year weather-proof guarantee
  • Can be installed as low as 10 degrees
  • Customer support team on hand
  • Range of styles and colours
  • Unparalleled strength and durability
  For more information on how your flat to pitch conversion can be made simpler, call us on 01249 658514 or fill in our contact form.

Low pitch roofing

Flat roofing can cause an array of issues and problems within the interior, which makes a flat to pitch roofing conversion a much more cost-effective and secure way of fixing a flat roof. Metrotile profiles can be installed as low as 12 degrees, which means they can be quickly and easily installed over the rafters for a swift roof installation.

Roofing security

Our lightweight steel roofing improves the security of the residential or commercial property, providing protection against vandalism and harsh weather conditions. Our roofing endures rigorous testing to ensure its safe and secure, which is why we’re confident enough to offer a 40 year weatherproof guarantee. With the stunning aesthetics a Metrotile provides, your property will benefit from superior exterior roofing with the added bonus of a long lifespan and improved security. If you’d like more information on our low pitch, future-proof roofs, speak to a member of our team by calling 01249 658 514 or you can fill in our form for a free no-obligation quote.