Case Study

Lightweight Shingle Tile Dazzles On Unique Floating Home! – As Seen On TV!

Lightweight Shingle Tile Dazzles On Unique Floating Home! – As Seen On TV!

Case Study

Featured on Channel 4's "My Floating Home" Series - A luxurious, cosy floating home on Taggs Island in Richmond & Kingston finished in Metrotile Shingle.

Floating homes are a unique, sustainable solution for providing a luxurious living space with stunning views.

This is the reason Linda Laubscher embarked on a personal project to build from scratch ‘Tulana’, a cosy, elegant floating home on the inner lagoon of Taggs Island, close to Hampton Court Palace, Richmond & Kingston. The project from start to finish was completed in only 5 months, and the unique design and location of the home caught the attention of national television, with Channel 4 taking on the project to be filmed for Series 4 of their popular show “My Floating Home”.

The name Tulana originates from the Zulu word ‘Thula’, meaning to be at peace, be still. An apt name given the calming surroundings of the lagoon and abundance of flora & fauna.

Due to restricted weight bearing on a floating home, lightweight building materials become the key aspect on ensuring the structure of the home is secure, but also keeps the floating home afloat! Linda confirmed this by stating “Weight is the biggest concern when building a floating home so that is why my decision fell on Metrotile, they offered such great customer service and support that I felt at ease to go with Metrotile as supplier”.

Metrotile’s Burnt Umber Shingle tile was installed on this project, with its unique interlocking fitting making it a quick and easy option to install – backed along with a 40 year weatherproof guarantee. Linda came to a decision on the Burnt Umber Shingle after stating “The samples were also a great aid with colour choices and the price point of the Shingle profile tiles to boot”.

Now with the project completed, Tulana sits floating in the lagoon as a peaceful, private getaway for guests to hire with the satisfaction of knowing they’re kept safe under a Metrotile roof.

Interested to see how the project was built? Check the episode out on More 4 here:

Want to experience the unique nature of a night away in a floating home? Check out Tulana for yourself:

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Metrotile's Burnt Umber Shingle provides a stunning aesthetic for the roof on a luxurious, unique home.

Key Points

  • As seen on TV! Featured on Channel 4's 'My Floating Home'
  • Lightweight nature of tiles key for the project
  • Great customer service ensured the roofing part of the project ran smoothly

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