Case Study

Refurbishment Of Roofs Keeps Tenants Warm In Winter Months – Hereford Cornish Units

Refurbishment Of Roofs Keeps Tenants Warm In Winter Months – Hereford Cornish Units

Case Study

7 blocks of Cornish Units in Hereford were successfully refurbished in Metrotile Shingle by Central Roofing & Building LTD

When seven block of Cornish Units in Hereford were in need of re-roofing; roofing contractors Central Roofing were called upon to undertake the work of removing the existing styles, re-inforcing the existing roof rafters and installing the roof tiles. 

Metrotile’s Lightweight Steel roofing tiles were selected for the job due to the aesthetics that brought the blocks of flats to life, along with the lightweight aspect that meant the tiles could easily be installed without putting strain on the roof structure.    All of Metrotile’s Lightweight Steel roof tiles come with a 40 year weatherproof guarantee!

The works at the site were part of an overall investment package of energy efficiency measures for the properties, being led by the social housing provider. As well as roofing, insulation was being upgraded, and windows and doors replaced. The aim of the refurbishment to reduce fuel costs, improve the carbon footprint and make the homes warmer; which was why Metrotile were the perfect choice. Their lightweight tiles are up to 8x lighter than traditional materials, ensuring a much lower carbon footprint in the number of vehicles needed for transportation. Guy Hedley, Contract Manager for Central Roofing, stated “The client and tenants are delighted with the new roof and how it enhances the look and appeal of the estate.”

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Key Points

  • 7 blocks of flats in Hereford were re-roofed in Metrotile Burnt Umber Shingle
  • The client & tenants were delighted with how the new roof enhanced the look of the estate
  • Metrotile's lightweight tiles ensured a much lower carbon footprints for the job with far less vehicles needed for transportation than traditional materials

Tile Profile: Shingle Roof Tile

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