Case Study

Totally Modular Offsite Homes

Totally Modular Offsite Homes

Case Study

Historically, Metrotile Lightweight Roofing’s low weight - just one seventh of roof materials regarded as ‘traditional’ such as clay or slates - has ensured the product is an obvious choice where low pressure on supporting structures and/or building foundations is required.

This benefit has seen Metrotile Lightweight Roofing adorn timber frame buildings, rooftops converted from flat to pitched, conservatories and homes extensions and even innovative products such as log pods – factory-built constructions that are as at home as a camping solution as they are a home office.

Metrotile’s rising popularity on modular and offsite buildings is predictable when placed in this context. A Metrotile roof on a modular home not only adds the benefits mentioned above, it also increases security and ensures a lower overall weight transportation to site and craning into position.

The latest modular housing fabricator to discover the many benefits of Metrotile Lightweight Roofing is Totally Modular, a company focussed on creating residential homes and with a manufacturing plant located in the West Midlands. Totally Modular ensures rapid speeds for home fabrication, utilising volumetric modular building to meet construction times of just 48 hours – just one of many reasons that modular house building is looked upon by many as a solution to the housing shortages of the UK.

So far, Metrotile has been installed on two Totally Modular homes – a pilot scheme in Coventry that features the Metrotile Roman profile in Charcoal. Mark Ferriday, Totally Modular’s Technical Design Consultant states;

“The decision to go with Metrotile was taken during the last minute of specification, as we were about to order concrete pantiles for the project. We decided to move to a Metrotile roof because of the rapid installation speed, the simplicity of the design and the reduced weight on the modular ring beam. The long life expectancy and forty year guarantee were also deciding factors.”

David Padmore of Metrotile states;

“It was great to work with Mark Ferriday and Totally Modular with the design and installation applications inclusive of a PV solution. I look forward to continuing the relationship in the future”

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The pilot home, installed in Coventry

Key Points

  • Totally Modular specialises in offsite housing manufacturing
  • Metrotile Roman selected for the significant weight reduction
  • Pilot scheme has been installed in Littlethorpe

Tile Profile: Roman Roof Tile

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