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Photovoltaic Roof Tile

Metrotile Lightweight Roofing Bond Photovoltaic Profile Tile Charcoal

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Metrotile Photovoltaics enable your rooftop to harness energy from natural light.

Metrotile Lightweight Roofing has a very flexible portfolio of Photovoltaics (PVs), both incorporated into tiles or retro-fitted onto the existing rooftop, covering all the options open to the specifier or end user. Whether for a residential home or an industrial or commercial project, our photovoltaic roof tiles are easy to install and can generate extensive energy for the premises.

With Metrotile Photovoltaics installed, you will:

Save money on energy bills with the opportunity for making money back from feed-in tariffs. Reduce your carbon footprint and make your roof an even more sustainable option. You will also be able to install the PV tiles to a low pitch roof, helping to avoid planning restrictions. We can provide the solution for all installations ranging from the individual home, large social housing projects through to schools, and commercial and industrial buildings of all shapes and sizes.


We have a variety of Photovoltaic options, please contact us to discuss the available options for your building project.  For further information fill in our online contact form or call us from 9am to 5pm Mon-Thur (4:30pm Fri) on 01249 658 514.

Quality Assurance: Metrotile Photovoltaics have been tested in compliance with European and International Standards, including draft Dutch Building Standard, EU ‘prescript’ pre standards and has been tested for wind uplift, code F-02-BRE 36-6 and water ingress tests according to procedures in CEN standard PrEN 15601:2006 by the British Research Establishment, UK.The laminates are manufactured in an ISO 9001-2002 certified factory and produced in a TUV IEC 61212 & Safety class 2 approved process.

Metrotile Photovoltaic Roof Tile in Photovoltaic

Charcoal Metrotile Bond Roof Tile with Integrated Photovoltaic Panel
Charcoal Metrotile Bond Roof Tile with Integrated Photovoltaic Panel

Fixings & Battens

Tile Fixing: 50 x 2.5mm Coated Nail. Hand nailing or power tool
Fixings per tile: 4
Battens Required: 5 linear metres per m² (plus wastage)
Laying (recommended): All roof shapes: broken bond
Rafter Centres Batten Size
450mm 25 x 50mm
600mm 25 x 50mm
900mm 50 x 50mm
1200mm 50 x 50mm
1500mm 50 x 65mm


Pitch: Minimum: 12° / Maximum: 90°
Dimensions: Overall Size: 1330mm x 370mm
Cover Size: 1257mm x 370mm
Gauge: .450mm
Linear Cover Width: 1257mm
Coverage: 0.46m² / 2.15 per m²
Weight per m²: 6.2Kg / 9.9Kg
Weight per tile: 2.8Kg / 4.6Kg


Knowledge Base

To watch our installation guides, and to read the full documentation for this product, please visit our Knowledge Base.

Fair Isle Bird Observatory Modular Off Site Building with Metrotile Lightweight Roofing in Slate Charcoal with Photovoltaic Panels

Case Study

Fair Isle Bird Observatory

The beautiful island of Fair Isle is a renowned bird watching spot located off Scotland’s north east coast and home to Metrotile UK’s first Photovoltaic installation project.

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PGL Liddington Timber Frame Accommodation with Metrotile Lightweight Roofing in Bond Charcoal with retrofit Photovoltaic System

Case Study

PGL Liddington, Swindon

PGL is an adventure holiday company that, in their own words, delivers “inspirational learning through adventure”.  They have campuses across the UK (in addition to France and Spain) where young people can partake in a vast variety of outdoor activities, including abseiling, canoeing and mountain biking to name but a few. 

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Southport College Roofing Refurbishment - Charcoal Slate with Integrated Photovoltaic Roof Tiles

Case Study

Southport College

Over the past decade, Southport College has maintained a program of roof maintenance, converting their flat roofs to pitched. In 2010 they opted to convert the science block, but wanting to take advantage of what would become a south-facing roof slope, they chose modern materials to reduce their carbon footprint, save on energy costs and enjoy the benefits of a low maintenance, long-lasting solution.

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The Full Metrotile Range

Tile Profiles

From our highly durable lightweight steel roofing tile profiles to underlay, accessories and fixings, you’ll find everything your roofing project needs right here. Metrotile is also an authorised dealer of Velux window products, ensuring that you can source absolutely everything your roof requires directly from us!

We stock our profiles with a wide range of colours designed to suit most roofing projects, however we can supply Metrotile roofing in any colour you choose (subject to additional delivery time). If you wish to discuss this - or anything else about our products and services - you can contact us.